Nashville Street Barbers is on a mission to help our community!

For the thousands of men, women and children who are experiencing homelessness, a haircut is a luxury. One that they can’t afford. They go without for weeks, months, and sometimes much, much longer. So, we set up our chairs. We get out our clippers and scissors. We cut hair.

But it’s so much more than cutting hair. One woman broke our hearts when, after we cut her hair, she looked at her face in the handheld mirror and said, “You make me feel human again.”

Something special happens when one of our friends sits in our chair. They do something that they rarely do living on the street…they close their eyes. In that moment, they trust…they relax…they are transformed.

Our barbers give free haircuts to anyone who needs them. We believe that we have Nashville’s best barbers as part of our team.

“People need each other. This isn’t about hair, it’s about reminding people they’re human, and changing the perception that people have of them and that they have of themselves.” – Abishai Collingsworth, one of our team leaders.

Since our start in 2017, we have provided thousands of haircuts. Some of those friends have gone on to get jobs and get into housing. On a record night, with 16 volunteer barbers, our team was able to give 89 haircuts!

With your help, more people will be able to be served. More lives impacted and more dignity restored.

Thank you for supporting the work and mission of Nashville Street Barbers!

Nashville Street Barbers

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